Vehicle wraps

Let advertisement come along with you!

Excellent price-quality ratio on our car wraps. Car wraps offer a mode of advertisement that comes along with you whereever you go. Let your car give your business higher visibility.




Our advantage is experience. For over 20 years, we’ve been wrapping vehicles
from small cars to vans, trailers and buses. We could even wrap a plane. Whatever your needs, we’ll find the best solution for you. We’re happy to help with the design of the wrap.


Short term wraps and stickers can be done with the affordable 1D plastic wrap. (lasts up to 6mo) Permanent wraps/stickers on flat surfaces can be made of 2D wrap. (5-7 years) If the vehicle has lots of curved surfaces, we’ll use 3D wrap. (up to 10 years) Our wraps don’t shrink over time and lose their original jazz.


We have expert wrappers on our team. We guarantee good conditions for completing the work and the ideal conditions for the durability of our wraps.

texts and logos

Smaller stickers are great for marking a company car. Exciting wrap designs
are momorable and speak to people. Impress with eye-catching logo design!

partial wrap

We recommend a partial wrap to stand out better. Our wraps hold well on curved surfaces , avoiding shrinking and bubbling.

complete vehicle wrap

A complete wrap is best for those who want to leave nothing to chance. Completely
wrapped vehicles are sure to stand out and impress. If needed, we can also
remove our wraps and return the surface of the vehicle to its original condition.